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Annual Electoral Canvass

The 2018 Household Enquiry Forms and reminders have being issued to establish current registered electors in your household.

You require to respond to the form issued confirming if those pre-printed on the form are still living at the property, or if any changes to eligible electors are required. If you fail to respond to the Canvass form then you will receive a door knock by one of our Canvassers to obtain a response. If no-one is in when the canvasser calls a letter will be left asking you to respond to the Form as soon as possible. The most cost effective way to respond is online. If you have no changes to make, then you can also use the Freephone number. If you respond via telephone or online it saves taxpayer funds.

Please respond to the Form as soon as you receive it.

If you have misplaced your form please contact our office during office hours on 01292 612221 or click this link to complete an online form.